the way to live

November 10, 2008
By jaypee robinson, Valdosta, GA

Live as if nothing is wrong
Make it seem it like you are happy
Show that you always stand strong
Show that you are glad to be free

Take life to its full extent
It is bad to waste time
Be positive and you'll always win
Treat the next day as if you won't die

Enjoy time while you are young
That ends when you get old
As a teen you have a lot of youth
Memories of your younger years can never be sold

Cherish every memory that you have
Because you only live that memory once
I would like to relive the past
I can't because I'm way passed that class

Make sure your kids live better than you
Help them avoid the mistakes you made
When they are older they'll have more to lose
If they live good in the end they'll get paid

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