a sad day

November 10, 2008
By jaypee robinson, Valdosta, GA

"Are you going to be okay?"
"No, I just seen my friend die.
Today has turned into a sad day.
Only thing I want to do is cry."

"He was my best friend.
Now he is dead.
His life cam to an end.
Nothing more can be said."

I knew how the little felt.
It was sad to see his friend killed.
That day I was there to help.
It was hard for the boy because what he seen was real.

"This will be my friend's memorial day.
"If you need help come talk to me.
Just hang in there and everything will be okay.
I know for you that was hard to see."

I didn't know the little boy's friend but i was there.
I know the little boy will be okay.
I was there for the boy because I cared.
In his mind, he'll always remember this day.

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