a puzzle of feelings

November 10, 2008
I think you are an interesting person.
I think its nice that you like me.
I am a person of very kind words.
Don't hold back let your words ride free.

It is possible that I might like you.
I won't say so you must find out.
If you ask you'll get the truth.
Talk to me and you'll be on the right route.

I can't deny that you are pretty.
I do find you to be interesting.
I do like your personality.
When you find out your phone will ring.

I am use to being single.
I want know more about you.
You are like an interesting jingle.
The words "I like you," will eventually be true.

You will find out eventually.
I am a big mystery.
You don't completely know my personality.
Keep reading and my feelings for you will be free.

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