Life's Race

November 10, 2008
By Hayley Perra, St. Albert, ZZ

A streak of color
A long trailing stream
Racing on wings
That is all that is seen

Flying for life
Feet moving with the wind
Hermes' sandals are stolen
By a racing goddess again

There is no stopping
No halting this flow
This is a release; a blessing
When the only thing left is the footfalls
And the whistling wind

On and on the running goes
Where it stops only She knows
It is a race between her and the sky
She races on with life passing by

A streak of color
A long trailing stream
As she races with life
That is all that one sees.

The author's comments:
I love running and though I do not do it professionally I always feel free when I run. I believe that is why I wrote this poem!

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