Apocalyptic Paradox

November 10, 2008
By Frederic Huffnagle, Nashville, TN

Tell you who I am
I cannot.
Ask me to describe myself
I will lie,
for you cannot truthfully describe
that which you do not know.
So I am a liar then.
But that very stament negates itself.
Then I am nothing.
I am a grain
in the cosmic dust of the universe
yet the very maker of that universe
knows every hair of my head.
But how can I knowingly say this
If I know nothing of myself?
Perhaps I do.
Perhaps this realization
that I am nothing
has shown me...everything.
But that is just one thing.
I am it and it is me,
I live for him and he lives for me.
But I don't truly live for him.
So I am again a liar,
but knowingly know.
I may be a liar and nothing.
But knowing this makes me evertying.

The author's comments:
I would like to remind the reader that "apocalyptic" in it's more original meaning, means a way to reveal something cryptically.

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