The Cold Heart

November 10, 2008
Your heart may be cold
But you still have human reactions
Bound by nothing
For it was lost,
the same day you lost your sanity.
Nothing can try to hold you,
Not for too long.
Breaking from that last thin thread
Is all you wait for…
To feel what you’ve been meaning to feel
To feel you lost the fight
The fight that once tarred you apart inside.

Yet, oddly enough the tears
Keep staining your face
Allowing you to feel that last emotion,
The feeling of pain
You cant react,
Not remembering what it was like
To let go of that pain.
when you know it will forever remain.

Never allowing you to breath
To feel alive like you did before
It condemns you to the empty heart
That is alive with motion,
But not alive in any other way.
Its that heart you never wished for
Yet a heart you received.
But this heart can protect you
With its icy shield,
Never being able to melt by even the sweetest voice.

No not until you believe your forever gone
Never returning to what use to be.
Then the path changes,
You heart shows color that it has never shown before.
You know by now what you should do….
To keep this heart from existing
Can only bring what was once had

So easily it was taken
So easily it wont be put back
So why trust this feeling, like you trusted before.
You faced the pain
You are accustomed to it.
So why change.

The cold blood circulates
Through your zombie like body
Yet coming to life with every spoken word
You want to fight it
But it overpowers you
Denial you feel is key
The cold heart you must keep
But with every fight
Comes even more persistence
After all the fight was not finished
No, it was just about to begin
from its dormant sleep.

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