Second Chance

November 10, 2008
By Anonymous

Second Chance

She was too lost in thought walking down the hall,
focusing her sight at a single spot.
Feeling as if she was in a daze,
walking as if she was a zombie.
She felt the same way the day before.
She was walking up the hill with suicidal thoughts in mind,
wondering when her angel would come to save her.
She remembered turning around hoping someone would be there…
but no one was.
Her thoughts circling to the fact that it only happened in stories,
not in real life.
What would have happened if she actually took her life?
Why did she decided not to go through with it?
She kept asking herself these questions but nothing came to mind.
She looked behind her once again,
just like before there was no one there.
She kept walking in the hall towards the end where there was a balcony.
She was prepared to do what she had to do to escape….
Two voices started to cry out her name...
I guess this time her angels came.

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