I Cry.......

November 10, 2008
I cry Because I am weak
I cry because I am hurt
What I have experience is just so unheard
I cry because I am emotional
I cry because of pain
I cry because maybe I am just insane
I am onlY human and I really am hurt
What I am going through is just so unheard.
I cry because something is missing
I cry because I feel lost
I cry because I am alone
I cry because I only have negative thoughts
What I am feeling is not easy to explain.
What I am feeling is emotional pain
I cry because I have no friends
I cry because I cant tell anyone
I cry because I am hurt and it feels like no end
What I am going through is not easy to explain..
How can I end a lonely pain...
There is no- one I cannot breath
I got to let it go! I got to be me!
No one like me and I am afraid
If I be me will you all turn away
If no one understand will they be willing to lend a helping hand
I need a good friend
A friend just for me
I need that friend now..
My heart is slowly making it; my body feels froze;
I am becoming someone I do not know..
My heart is sinking..yet I continue to be them
Are they gonna wash away my tears when I am in fear..
I cry because I am lost
I cry because theres no one to hear my thoughts
I cry because I am lonely
I cry because there is no one indeed

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