Is This Really How it's Gonna End?

November 12, 2008
Feel time crashing down on you
Melting clocks, twisted hands
Behind broken doors
And falling clouds
Lies and deceit make up what you think is true
And nothing you could ever dream of
Could possibly mend,
The fast fading hands of time.
The color of pain and dismal gloom
Dress up the bride and groom
Destined for a lifetime of misery
Lost in translation, no dictionary
For love once blossomed now fading to black.
Painted faces and fake smiles
Speaking in only bromides
Too hard to decipher, their words so unclear
Too many meanings
For one simple saying
And then you fall
Into a hole so deep, left to be the one forgotten
Abandoned, secluded, and so alone
There is no one for you to hold,
You stay close to the door that was slammed in your face
And you try so hard to embrace
The hate that vibrates
Madly through your body
Sending you backwards in your mind
Reliving horrors and terrors
Life has been so unkind
To you, and you struggle
To get through the day and it pains you to sleep at night
Visions of time falling away completely
So you can face immortality
Alone, once again you are alone
Born into a world full of hate and discontent
You were alone, but with a single heartbeat
You grow old, and still you are alone
Could it ever
Get any better
Will you ever find that
Other half
To complete you
Sleep soundlessly through the night
Finally with someone next to you,
Share the bed with the one you love
Mr. Dibbles, your cat.

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