November 11, 2008
By Carrie Suter, Brooklyn, NY

I consider myself hidden
i turn off the lights to my true feelings
when the wind blows..
my eyes get teary
the tears roll down my face
like balls of yawn roll down a hill
i consider those tears lettin go of all my truth
the untold truth
Ive been hurt by love and love hurts
it makes you cry an untold truth
there are things i don't know about myself
and i dont tell people the way i truely feel
if i was turned inside out i'd be pitch black
black from all the hurt even hurt that i never even knew i
Im a complex person
a complex person who experiences way beyond complex thing
i wish i could wash away all the hurt
but i cant wash away
the Untold Truth.....

The author's comments:
What inspired me to write this Poem was basically what i was feeling wat that very moment. At the time my life just seemed a mess and it felt to me as if everything was black and how people judge me and dont know the real me because there is skin covering everything that is inside of me.

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