November 10, 2008
We've listened to the songs that make love seem like less of a fantasy and more of a reality. More of a reality not for us but for you and the girl you've had a crush on for three weeks and seventeen days which is how long its been since you stopped sitting next to me and I know that sweet satisfaction you get when she talks to you and you share a conversation becasue it's the same satisfaction I get when I talk to you. I know it was a risk to ask her out and I know that there was much planning between you and the guy who sits with us. I know that you dated her for a little over two weeks and our thirteen piece family at school asked the questions and you answered them hesitantly and when we learned you guys were over we shup up because that's what we do. That final project, I had fallen for you for probably the hundreth time in over a year and then fourth quarter appeared and you got that sweet satisfaction once again from evrey smile she gave you and everything she said to you. You described her to us, using me as an example and you unconciencely led me on but that satisfaction you got when you talk to her is still that same sweet satifaction i get from you.

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