Nothing is Everything

November 9, 2008
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When you lie on the floor

I can see clearly

For the air is much lighter

When your down, down below

The freedom of feeling

It's down by the willows

That's where you'll find

All the time that's been crusting

Down on the floor of the ocean

Threaded and golden, silver and dark

Millions of feelings down by the ark

Where oysters and lobsters and scallops too

Try to find feeling far away from the moon

They search low, crevices largely

For beauty in feeling and never know why

The sun keeps on beaming

Destroying the air

That helps us all breathe

'Cuz we know nobody's there

So we lay down


Feeling like angels

Knowing we're higher

Just 'cuz we're down here

But out there

Life's stronger

It's moving at millions

Of lightyears, pushing us down

And now that we're down here

We might think we've found it

But find out that


Is what makes us here.

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roxy :) said...
Dec. 24, 2008 at 12:09 am
This is awesome. Finally, a poem that does not reek of suck.
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