Can You Not See?

November 9, 2008
By Grace Park, El Paso, TX

Day by day, no one listens,
Leading to a start but no finish.
Is there a way out?
What can i do to help?
Is there even a way?

Is it that great?
Will it really take away your pain?
Or just put you in more pain,
Along with others.

Watching you wither in pain, and dispear,
Hurts me as well.
I want to help,
But you wont listen.

I care, they care, everybody cares;
But you continue to ignore
What more can we do?
Its not worth it!
Can you not see?
You not only hurt yourself
But you continue to hurt me, and others.

Please stop, i beg of you!
The only person that can stop you...
Is yourself.

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