Lonely Darkness

November 9, 2008
Daddy,why did you leave here in this dark, hollow room?
I felt sad loneliness after you left me benhind...
Pain...that tortures my childish mind...
Fear...that takes over like the bitter cold...
Panic...that scratches over my very soul...
Betrayel...that hallows out my existance...

You left me behind with these killing thoughts.
My sweet voice unable to grasp a single word to scream out and say!
I couldn't move, my small body paralyzed into place.
My sad heart's fast beat echoed through like a hard drum all alone, pounding again and again!
Nothing remained to make yourself move from this devilish spot.
All my sweet dreams turned to coring nightmares, my innocent desires wrapped around the bloody darkness, and my wonderful hope that someone would save me, vanished.
Daddy, are you this coiling darkness that sufficates my sad heart?

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