Silenced Symphony

November 9, 2008
By Hannah Giffen, Haslet, TX

The harmony of your being
Fabricating an intoxicating libretto
Gentle notes constantly beating
Hidden by affection lies a dark shadow

The cadence of my chaos
Notes lost and undefined
Disheveled tunes in search of a place
Interweaving and intertwined

The beating of my heart
The rhythm of your soul, distinct
Like a fine-tuned orchestrated art
You and I fell in sync

Your sweet and melodic lullabies
Resuscitate my ability to love
As the notes catch air, lift and fly
Twirling and swirling up above

I savor this blissful tune
Fearful my ears have deceived me
Awaiting the day it’ll end too soon
When again, the fallacy of love I shall see

The moment it all falls silent
These passionate antics hushed
Our fantasy mangled, now turning violent
Aside, these feelings, eventually brushed

The instant this pseudo-seduction halted
The possibility of an illusive intimacy
Denying our relationship ever faulted
This blatant disregard is of infamy with me

The second the heart of our symphony dies
An admission of insurmountable defeat
No longer allowed to live within our lies
This song never finished, now forever incomplete

As the reverberating beats fade with time
This stifled duet just a memory lost
Yearning for a song that was once mine
Our truth now speaking in a manner of accost

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