Fallen Angel

November 9, 2008
By Hannah Giffen, Haslet, TX

Easily mistaken for a Fallen Angel
What was once before has been stifled inside
Your nescience by a callused shadow mangled
Leaving no room for love and light to thrive

Blackened and charred, there's no turning back
Confusion sets in, increasing by number
While your demeanor and physicality's slowly crack
Fallen, you cascade into an eternal slumber

Disheveled and misplaced, your halo slipping down
Struggling to fit a mold not your own
Bearing your life's imperfections as a crown
Constantly reminded of the misery you've sewn

Overthrown by the cynic within
Failing to escape this internal hell
Irreparable, labeled by society's whim
Uncontrollably controlled, lost; you fell

A darkened abyss, ignored and voided
Trapped by misconception and misunderstanding
Engulfed within a blanket of hatred, deplored
Never to escape this perpetual abandoning

This view of your life, covered in scarlet
Giving in, you surrender yourself to this immorality
Living lost behind the eyes of a harlot
Transparent and vacant of all vitality

Nobody sees in you what I see
The glimmer of vivacity hidden
Luminous, the sparkling shine furtively bleeds
From my eyes, this evil, forever forbidden

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