November 9, 2008
By , Arden, NC
her name is Lily
my little love
so warm, small and fragile
she likes to cuddle under the blanket
and is always happy when I'm home
she loves to sun bathe
and only swims when I'm in the water
away from her for too long

she's innocent
spends her days napping
in her pink bed
dreaming about being big and strong
she may be small,
but she has the heart of a lion

my mother doesn't understand
why I bother with such a chore
but she doesn't see
the loyalty and love
we get from eachother

many people glance at her
and see just another cute face
they stop to coo and pet her
and then they're on their way
but they don't understand
how much she means to me
my little itty bitty dog
has lots of love to give

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