Romeo and Juliet

November 9, 2008
By adriana Ramos, Goodyear, AZ

God's silky touch in the gentle breeze in May.
Lovers at sight, only ten feet away.
Whisper in her ear how beautiful she makes May seem
And in her eyes she tells you all her dreams.
Steps close to the point where breath can be felt on skin.
Exchanges some words, but all that is left on her lips is a sin.
Both cursed with the plague of hate.
Destined by the horrible ending of fate.
Deny both histories so long they could live together.
Bestow vows so souls can be united forever.
Seperated by boiling blood rage.
Both making the mistake at such young age.
Conquered by death who wasn't even the enemy at all.
Too young did the two lovers fall.
Now what is there to prove?
That love conquers all.

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