November 9, 2008
Yellow is a color as far as we know,
But is that really all it can ever show?
For I can see a far deeper meaning,
A color can be extremely deceiving.

Yellow is the sun and the stars in the sky.
Yellow is what takes me to Haverhill High.
Yellow is a bumble bee.
Making honey for you and me.

Yellow is the lemon skittle.
Yellow is the crayon of joy to the little.
Yellow yields drivers on the road.
Yellow is the color of spots on a toad .

Dorothy’s yellow is made of bricks.
Yellow covers the fur of baby chicks.
Yellow reveals itself in a rose,
Or in a daffodil it glows.

Yellow helps me write in math.
Yellow is the opposite of wrath.
Yellow allows the room to be lit.
Yellow is a taste of white chocolate.

Yellow is the color of a Los Angeles Laker.
I guess Jackson wasn’t as good a play maker.
Yellow glazes over my hotdog.
Yellow is the lily landed on by a frog.

Yellow is the warmth coming from the fire.
Yellow brightens up any attire.
Yellow is the rebirth of the spring.
Yellow could be any possible thing.

The Beatle’s yellow is a submarine.
Yellow is the royalty of the queen.
Yellow is the source of potassium.
Yellow is glorious as well as platinum.

Yellow is a golden smile.
Yellow keeps laughter up for a while.
Yellow is the cancer ribbon.
A sign of hope is always given.

Yellow is my chicken noodle soup,
Or the eminence of a brand new Coupe.
Yellow is like a big hug.
Never to pester, never to bug

No matter what yellow is made of,
It will always consist of joy and love.

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hiddenangelz211 said...
Mar. 20, 2011 at 11:09 am
Wow! You should write more! That is a really awesome poem! :D Keep writing!
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