November 9, 2008
Above every thing there will always be a fall.
but when you think about it there's really nothing at all.

Think of me as an object, a bush or even a tree.
Stop and think,"Really What Do I See?"

Looking at the sky wondering were dose it stop.
Wanting to go all the way to the top.

Do people stop and think about us as human beings,
has if after we die,"Do we really grow wings?"
Looking at the world fighting then covered in red.
Asking in that argument what was really said.

Watching the world spinning in empty space.
Then to wonder were is our place.

Casting a shadow that our bodies actually fill.
That shadow is the lights will.

Snorting and growling like savage beast.
Preying on the small, as if there a feast.

If our blood runs through the same viens.
Then why are we thought about as human things.

Luxry,cashmere glamours flings.
take it all, really by all means.

For all I want is to be covered in great things of wonder.
But this I leave you now to ponder.

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