Eternal Love

November 8, 2008
By Amanda Neece, Olathe, KS

I stab the paper,and it bleeds out to cry your name. I stare into the darkness that consumes me,as I lose control. My heart aches for your touch,beating faster and faster. Lub-dub,Lub-dub,Lub-dub...I lose control over myself; the enemy takes over my body,drowning all of my fears once and for all.

It is eating me from the inside out, making us one person in the same. It becomes me,and I become it.Glorious fangs seek out from my bleeding gums born new...I crept into the darkness deeper and deeper,losing all my humanity.

I see the dismay and horror that has filled your precious face,and I am ashamed of what I have become,But, I am forever changed...And now struggle to contain the monster within, to be me,and not the evils trying to take control.

You rush towards me with tear-filled eyes;this confuses me greatly,though I do not wish to let the momentend.I want everything to be with you,butIt won't let me feel the warmth of your sweet and baby-soft skin. I can resist no longer,and I sink my fangs into your neck,making you forever minee... For all the rest of eternity.

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