Insider Her Heaven

November 8, 2008
Inside her heaven
She can walk up straight
She took her first “normal” steps up to the golden gate
As she walked up, she looked and saw the stars
Now we know that she is not very far.

She looked down and saw earth
And knew that we were here
She had the biggest smile, instead of shedding tears
She blew us a kiss, and prayed that we’d be blessed
Just to have her in my life, my heart is now at rest.

Inside her heaven
She sees people she never knew
She feels like she’s known them
Even though her time there has been few

She takes in all the beauty
She grabs hold of the glorious light
She thinks of how she got here
But she knew there wasn’t a fight

Inside her heaven
She meets the one I love
Now they are both my angels
Watching me from above

I know that she’s in heaven
And she’s in a better place
She never did give up
But she did finish the race

Inside my heart
Lies memories of her and I
As I think of them, I try not to cry
She was a true friend, in every single way
She always knew how to brighten up my day

I will miss her smile and laugh
And the joy she brought to my heart
Right now is the time when her new life in heaven will start
The time I spent with her
I will always treasure
I know that her soul will now live on forever

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