Decaying Dreams...

November 8, 2008
By Donita Tisdale, Harvey, IL

In a dream
I find myself in a dark abandoned room
with rotting walls and empty thoughts
but in the middle of the room theirs a key
the key is beautiful with gems n diamonds
and a touch of gold

Like nothing ive ever seen before
I reach for it but something is holding
me back
I try again but i get pulled back again...

So i take out a letter that ive never seen before
it reads:
"I love u more than life itself
and for u i wud sacrifice
my heart my soul my glory n wealth
but even more my life"
as i continue to read

it decays in my hand
and all that is left
is a face of a man

He's crying and angry
he looks so confused
he tells me he's lost
and his heart is bruised

He slowly dissapears
so i reach again for the key
this time i almost get it
but something grabs a hold of me

I try to fight it
but it wont let me go
i cant even see it
but its telling me no

Ur not ready
and it is broken
"I need it"
was all that i had spoken

I am let free
as i fall down
A tear drops from my eye
and i hear a sound

Some one's crying
but its coming from inside
its in my chest
and its fullof pride

I lose breathe as if
im leaving this world
then i say a face
of a teenage girl

She's smiling
and looking free
she's kissing a boy
that girl is me...

But soon that smile
turns into a face
with hate and sorrow
and full of disgrace

The image fades
as i cry in my hands
what am i doing here?
where do i stand?

the walls start closing in
and i quickly arise
suddenly i see words
and memories of lies

"i love u"
"im sorry"
"im not with that girl"
"i miss u"
"i cant"
"u kno ur my world"

I scream and cover my ears
then reach for the key
"I dont kno wat u want!
But i wanna be free"

I finally can reach the key
but quickly i find
that the key is just a mirage
in my mind

I fall through the floor
and a voice comes to me
"That room is ur life
and what u seem to be..."

"You are living in a world
that is decaying as u live
U feel that u have lost
and u have no more left 2 give..."

"that key is something more
it is where u start...
that key opens only one thing
that key is to ur heart"

"u could not get to it
not becuz it wasnt real
but becuz u are trying to ignore
love and what u kno u feel"

"U feel that u have lost
and that all hope is over
but just believe in the lord
and look across ur shoulder..."

I see another room
with "him"
the one that holds my heart
"u only can get to that room
if u kno where to start"

"believe in God,and the miracles
that he can do
That man may be gone now
But Soon he'll come back to u"

"But first u have to look inside
to see what u need
becuz love is very powerful
and it must be freed"

"but first u have to find out
if u can stand alone
the test for us all
is to truly find a home"

I wake up in a sweat...
and wonder where i am
I walk into a kitchen
and amazingly..there he stands....

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece from prior experiences. I hope everyone enjoys it and can relate to it in one way or another

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on Nov. 15 2008 at 9:15 pm
Wow. That was an adventure into a realization of pure emotion. i loved it. i've read up to where yours is ranked and yours is by far the best. great job, langston hughes worthy, honestly.

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