Under the Evergreen Trees

November 8, 2008
By BrattieBroonet41 GOLD, Natick, Massachusetts
BrattieBroonet41 GOLD, Natick, Massachusetts
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The crickets sang the harmony.
The owl hooted the chorus.
The moon tracked them
as their own private spotlight.
Chills tickled her cheeks
giving each a splotch of pink.
The clouds of their breath
kept a melodic beat
as they danced under the Evergreen trees.

He dipped her
so low that her hair brushed the pine needles on the ground,
tangling in the sap of the pinecones.
Then a spin
and a laugh,
all before the night passed them by.
The owl went to sleep,
and the crickets left them to themselves.
Heat started to warm their bodies,
The sun reached out across their feet,
giving a yawn that rustled the branches.

And the two walked away
hand in hand,
their shadows kissing each other behind them.

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