Through the Grape Vine

November 8, 2008
By Chazandra Kern, Santa Rosa, CA

From what I’ve heard of you
Through the Grape Vine of hue
They say the gossip is rich, we come upon
the tasty lies we take our fill on.

It’s the feast where some may feel disgrace
Gorging on the tempting meal, but when that’s not the case
We’re unmistakably plump with the comfort of misery
that which is not our own we are forced to carry.

It’s chained down in our mind
For as long as we keep them captive.
The stems of the grape vine cling to it’s wall.
Flowing folds reassures the plant that stands tall.

Their little purple curves go on and on like a lie.
How easily they can scream out and how sly
they are at wooing a passer by.

They have the ability to enchant
Anyone who dares to indulge them.

What shame will come with lies we proudly share
through the Grape Vine.

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