Tale of the Stars

November 8, 2008
By Brianna Moore, Bowling Green, KY

When the Sun goes away and the Stars come out,
They look down and watch the world.
They see the joy and the love,
The sadness and pain,
The friendships and the wars.
Sometimes they twinkle and laugh,
But sometimes they fade and they cry.
Sometimes a Star gets too angry or sad
To hold herself up in the black velvet Sky.
Then she
To crash to the Earth from on high.
She roams Mother Earth giving wisdom and answers
To all who help with her very long journey.
She regains her strength and begins to glow brighter
Till one night her sisters are able to reach her
And pull her back hiome to the black velvet Sky.
Then another can fall
For there always must be
One Star on Earth at all times.

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