The Life of a One Dollar Bill

November 7, 2008
By Cal Mundell, El Paso, TX

The Life Of A One Dollar Bill

Before you were brought into this Earth,
Inside a secured factory was a petite 6 inch by 2 3/4 blank sheet of paper.
In a special printer in went,
Out a new dollar it became.
Considering there are so many of its kind, he was named K06604921A

Into a bullet proof truck it goes,
Alongside many other one dollar bills that look just as he,
Off to a bank, filled with millions that look exactly as him.
Underneath, in the basement he is housed,
Until a young man about 5'11'’ asks to cash his check,

Down to the basement the fat banker goes,
To get the dollar from down bellow,
Without a second to wait she walks up,
Back to her desk to trade the man dollar for check,
Within his pocket the crisp dollar crunches,

Outside of the bank the dollar finally tastes freedom,
Over to the store the dollar is taken to start his hectic life,
For he will be traded for a crispy golden apple pie,
Out of the young man’s hand the dollar exchanges hands,
Beneath the cash register the dollar is stored,

Together with now even bigger bills such as fives, tens, and twenties,
Apart from the hundreds,
For the hundreds are much to big for the poor little one,
Out of the register the dollar is now free,
Because he is not only a dollar now, but change for a ten dollar purchase,

During the length of his life he will repeat this procedure an uncountable number of times,
Since the dollar is like a human, it becomes old and out dated,
Together in the bullet proof car the dollar again goes,
But this time he will not go in a printer, he will never even see a bank of cash register again,

Not withstanding the test of time the dollar has served it’s time,
Within the paper shredder he will be shred,
Outside, he will shoot out into microscopic pieces,
Within these microscopic shreds are everything that he has bought the human being, all the pizza, cokes, airplanes, and even businesses,
Ahead this dollar will board the train which will take him to a big bank in the sky where he will finally get to stopped serving and start being served.

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