A Tragedy in the Sky

November 7, 2008
Businessmen to tourists board there planes early, in hope to go home.
The plane takes off and all is calm and undisturbed.
Certain men seem to become restless and uneasy.
The stewardess politely asks, “May I take your drink order please?”, to a middle eastern man.

The cruel man quickly rises to his feet to aggressively put his palm over her mouth.
The passengers begin to panic and are dumbfounded what to do.
Another middle eastern man keeps the passengers quiet, while the other man slyly gives an order to the stewardess to let them in the cabin.
The stewardess refuses and tries to escape, but the mean and arrogant man squeezes her tighter, the way a boa constrictor chokes it’s prey, then she opens the cabin door.

Now the plane has been completely taken over, the people become depressed and hopeless as they watch two other men invade the cockpit, exterminate the pilots and take over the plane.
The passengers are spiritless and depressed, the only sound is of ringing phones, calling there loved ones to tell them of the unfortunate news.
All they can do now is wait, and only hope that this tragic event turns out O.K.
A strange voice blasts out of the intercom saying “This is a suicide bombing, we will be hitting the world trade center. God bless you.”

The plane makes a steep fall from the sky, the way rain does from a black cloud.
Many people suffer from anxiety, not knowing their fate, and hoping this is just a dream.
While other people are showing remorse and asking for forgiveness.
Others scream in terror, as they watch the evil men, all with evil grins on their faces.

The plane continues to fall, people continue to scream, to their disappointment they see the tall dark building coming closer and closer to them.
Some scream even louder, some hold their ears, and some close there eyes as they experience the last seconds of their precious life.
BANG! They hit the tower, flames erupt, the tower falls, killing innocent people, killing beautiful buildings, and killing the work of many. All because of one thing.
All because of one thing, hate.

Cal Mundell Affrims that this work is completely original.

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