In Response

November 7, 2008
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I cannot find room in my heart anymore, to feel love for you, or hatred, I've seen behind the veil of you mind and supped upon you soul, And i do not like what i've tasted, you cannot make things the oppiste way, for i cannot be what i cannot be, and you do not trust my ways, Because you cannot be trusted, undoubtedly, Yes, you have been childish, but only because you ar but a child with nothing to give, and my pain is mine alone and i bear the scars so that i may live, you could never see me for what i am or love the evil or goodness that is borne from me, you are prudent as well as blind, Leading yourself away from what you were meant to be, I might have believed you love me, But i have seen the darkness within your heart, All that glitters and all that shines, Something i never had from the start, And i would fly so high as beautiful as a dove, Had you not broken my wings, And i would soar so high upon the winds of imagination, Had you not crushed my dreams......

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