I give up

November 7, 2008
I give up trying,
I give up believing,
I'm done with many things,
and they all have reasons,
I have no hero's,
I have two friends,
If i didn't have them,
it'd probably be the end,
I miss my old life,
I miss my dad,
I really just wish that I wasn't quit this sad,
My grandparents were my world,
Now they're far away,
I now feel like my heart is in great decay.
I miss my old friends,
We promised till the end,
The end is here,
Why is no one near.
I'm done and through,
But all i keep hearing is it's all up to you,
I know this,
do they think I'm dumb,
they'll all regret this one day,
When I'm shinning like the sun!

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