Gates of our fathers

November 7, 2008
By Jesse Byrd, Frisco, TX

Gates of our fathers
Open once again
Let pour fourth the beginning of the end
So our plans, the gods shall not bother

As we march into hell
Lead by souls of the lost
Driving on heedless of the rising cost
Of souls lost to Satan’s well

We slaughter our own as we reach desperation
Feasting on the essence from each fallen child
Tracing our roots back to savage and wild
Blinded by blood’s condensation

Our eyes become clouded, minds foggy
As we drift to the void
Our thoughts become cloyed
Our wills become groggy

Leaders soon fall
Trampled by the masses
Seeking haven from gashes
Inflicted by demons unseen on walls

Society falls as our paths soon show
Corruption and deceit
As we admit to our defeat
At the strength of a faithless blow

Brought to fruition through human achievement
Our own need to progress
Regardless of the rest
Our morals and ethics which have came and went

Yet out of the ashes of destruction
A seed of hope rises
Bringing the fuure's surprises
Building from obstruction

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