Heart Broken

November 7, 2008
By Lethrisa Henard, Lindsay, CA

Heart broken, shattered from the
One I thought Iloved
Once feeling so beautiful, now feeling
Like a flower in the mud.

From promises to lies, to every
Tear drop that I cry, you promised to
Care and understand my life.

I thought my lfie he had changed
But it was just the decisions he was making.
With every decision he made I
Didn't notice I was slowly breaking.

We said we had each other
Unconditional love, if this is what love
Is then I think I've had enough.

The bull and the drama was just
A waste of time, this thing that we
Call love is just illusions of the mind.

What were we thinking all those times
We were together? Did I really think
That we would be together forever?

From the very start I knew there
Was doubt, we should have taken the
Hint that this won't be workin gout.

You feel so bad, in pain, when someone
Breaks up with you, but wait one
Day one will come and hopefully they're true.

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