Smoke In The Sky

November 7, 2008
By Katherine Hugget, Neptune Beach, FL

Use me
Abuse me
As you always do
Set me on fire
Burn baby burn
Drag a part of me
Blow me away
Catching in the wind
Floating and gone
You see me
You need me
For what I give to you
That sweet relief
From a day gone wrong
The fire licks up
Taking me with it
Burn baby burn
Another hit
Another drag
My short drag
Withering away
For your benefit
Your calm
your smooth lips
On my skin
My poison
Killing me
Willing me
To keep on blazing
This fire inside
Burn baby burn
Burn me out
Use me up
To the very last
Everything I have
Gone in the wind
Smoke in the sky
You got your fix
I lost my life.

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