dark corner

November 7, 2008
By Ian Van Nest, Basking Ridge, NJ

Look at all those happy people
see how they dance so free
and melt in each other's embrace
don't you, lonely girl, wish to be among them
don't you, poor girl, wish to bee free like them
don't you want to show the world that you're beautiful too?
then why are you here?
sitting alone, so alone, in the corner
dark, unwanted, unloved
because it's better this way you think,
this way you can't get hurt
but that's just an excuse
just like the thousand others you've told yourself
it's really because its easier
to sit alone, so alone, in the corner
than to join in their fun
your place is in watching, alone in the dark
or so you tell yourself
but fine, sit here alone, so alone, in the corner if you wish
it's no one's choice but your own

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