I Need You.!!!

November 7, 2008
By Jasmine Loza, Whiting, IN

You are my Mind Body and Motivation

Your the other part of my Soul

You made an Impression

with your souls Confession

Expressing emotion while you gaze into my eyes.!

Thank you......!

Thank you for that smile that you put on my face with grace

As I wake up I'm thankful to hear you call me your QUEEN.!

My King.!

Not to many of you still around

So I'm going to leave it safe and sound

With our heart beats

Combine together as one

Same Rate

Same Pace

Both have smiles on our face


I love you because you have a mind of your own

Useless to explain to others because they don't understand

From the outside is Great.!
From the inside is Phenomenal

When you touch me you made me drop like a hundred Dominoes

But you were there to pick me back up on my feet

We've grown together

Went form just

Lust To Trust

To no one being able to come between us

Your my craft book

Cutting out the hard times making them new

Wonderful ,Enjoyable and Remembered

Growing up in the world I was told


And nothing about them

Ive learned on my own and I've made observations

You are a man thats breath taken

You took my breath made me gasp for air

Did my share of Exploring and Souring life

Went back a couple of times

Been Blind Deaf and Mute

From others But with you.......


They've been replaced

I'm poring my heart out

I need you.......!

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