To Those Who Live On

November 7, 2008
He was sitting at his desk
Minding his own business
Just sitting there casually chewing some gum
He didn't know what was to come
He was writing a letter to his daughter
All the way in Chicago
He hadn't seen her in months
Not since the divorce
He never got to say good-bye
All he could do was cry
Pleased to say the letter was done
He went to mail it
The he saw what was to come
That one plane
It was coming his way
He had nothing to say
He held the letter tight
For his life, he had to fight
He ran
He almost got down four flights
The plane hit
His body fell down
All the way to the ground
The paper still in his hand
A friend passed by
She saw the guy
The paper next to him
She grabbed it and ran
She didn't know why she did
She didn't even know what it was at first
After she got out and was in safety
She read the letter
All the great things he said
But now he was dead
She knew what to do
She was th mail it to Chicago
Along with the notice that he was gone
The woman got the mail
She saw the letter
She wanted to throw it away
But something told her not to
She read it all the way through
She started to cry
She wondered why she didn't let him say good-bye
She didn't know how to tell her daughter
She loved him so much
When she heard the news
And read the note
She started to cry
And asked God why
Now she was to never see him again
Even though he promised to see her again
What a horrible message to send
Thanks to the terrorists
She was now fatherless

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