Two Lives

November 7, 2008
By Alison Bordiuk, San Francisco, CA

Growing up
He sat quietly in the back
People who didn’t have a clue
Thinking he would eventually snap and attack

No one knew
The amazing boy who hid inside his shell
Holding every tear in
Living in his own hell

Never having that extra dollar
To spend on himself
Barely having enough for food
Never living in wealth

Growing up
She was always the first one to talk
Everyone thinking the knew all about her
But they were in for a shock

No one knew the painful secret
She held deep inside
Wearing that big smile everyday
Covering up the pain she had to hide

Always getting what she wanted
At the drop of a hat
Looking in her mommy’s wallet
At the stack of cash that was fat

Who would guess
These two lives so different would collide
Him still holding on
Her opening her heart and letting him inside

These two both saw
The deeper side to each other
Holding tight to what they had
Never wanting another

Growing up
Their lives were far from the same
But there was one thing they shared
And that was pain

They both still hurt
But the pain is slowly going away
And replacing that pain is love
Something that will always stay.

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