November 6, 2008
By Ari SPunt, Coto De Caza, CA

There was a burst of silence
Like an unannounced intruder
I was automatically put on the defense
By this unwelcomed guest
Taking my hand and asking me to dance
We started the chaotic romance
Pretend like my emotions didn’t exist
I attempted to resist
All the temptation to run away
Go back to you, like it was yesterday
Remembering the passion
Never forgetting my first love
Here come the tears, crashing
An avalanche on my face, from the eyes above
Quickening our pace
We refused to take this lightly
Look at you and your disgrace
I used to hold on so tightly
The abrupt silence fading
I started to accept this
Since it may be degrading
I try not to reminisce
My dance with this stranger
Was no longer a danger
Silence would keep in tact
And made sure I would keep my pact
And never go back

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