This Shield

November 6, 2008
By Jackie Ellis, Blountville, TN

Emotions tumble as your self- resistance prevokes me. This glass wall that once was shattered stands thick and sturdy. Staring at you through your guard, this shield. Watching each footstep you take into sheer darkness. Like the first snow of winter, the vibrant red flakes of my heart float slowly toward the cold concrete. Seeing my greatest keep-sake deteriorate, and your shadow fading in the distance I can walk away with this hollow hole in my chest. Still grasping onto what Pride I have left Knowing I did my best . The barrier that protected you from feeling the pain was defeated, only for a short while, but you let me in and held me close what happend? Only one can know.

The author's comments:
This Poem is about a boy who decides to let this girl in, but decides to push her away after she told him she loved him.

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