Animal Cracker Safari

November 6, 2008
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I dream of cheese puffs,
And apples deep and red,
The lion and hippo crackers,
Are dancing in my head.

And it's a safari through food land,
Where the macaroni trees grow,
Where it rains Kool-Aid in the spring,
And there's ice cream 'stead of snow.

A feast is held each Monday,
In the castle made of cheese,
They bring me all the food I want,
I only have to say please.

I cannot contain my laughter,
As I bring pizza to my lips,
The taste of French fries and burgers,
And my greasy fingertips.

All the while I am growing,
Becoming large and round,
Soon, I cannot stand up,
Without falling down.

Yet, I still won't stop eating,
Through pie and cupcakes,
There's no one to stop me,
Saying: 'Oh, for goodness sakes'

So here I am growing bigger,
I'll touch the ceiling soon,
But I want that last Spaghetti O,
From my silver spoon.

And yet, something stops me,
From the power of my rule,
My mother calls me from my sleep,
To say it's time for school.

Have I learned a lesson?
It's not to be surely said,
Because the lion and hippo crackers,
Are still dancing through my head.

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