Sick Of

November 6, 2008
By Teriya Stewart, Greensboro, NC

Sick of trying. Tired of tryibg. I may be smiling but inside im dying. Sick of guys who don't care whats wrong. Tired of husbands who get caught with female thongs. Sick of guys that stop to lie. Sometimes I wish they'd all just die. Can't deal with liars. Annoyed by the criers. I want to slap them all so hard and throw they're clothes across the yard. He'll die if he does it again. I get bailed. He'll go to hell!

The author's comments:
Hey. I am a young-writter. I have been writting stories, songs, and poems every since I was seven years old. It started when my family and I were on the highway. I became bored with looking at all of the different trees so I started writting on this legal pad I kept in the back seat. It is only five years since I was seven and I still write. (I am now twelve years old.) I will grow up,graduate from Harvard University with a major in law and jouralism. P.S LOVE YOU ALL AND THANK YOU FOR READING. BE SURE TO LEAVE COMMENTS!

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