Angel, I'll always love you

November 6, 2008
By Ruben Lualemaga, Las Vegas, NV

Taunted by the thoughts of never having you. Always reminded of the love and romance that will never be. I try and I try But it never works out. I'll never have you and that's probly how it will always be. Close enough to know you but never close enough to have you in my arms. I imagine but it just makes the pain eben worse. The thoughts, the feelings, the pictures... Memories that will never come to be true. It's pointless on how I hold onto what's not even there. Tears, Cuts, Blood... Why do I even try anymore?

The author's comments:
Well, I've always had a nack for poetry and it's how I express myself... My entire life, love has always been the unreachable for me and I guess I'm fed up with it... Angel is my love and I just wish he knew I loved him but I'm just too afraid to tell him...

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