Purity or Evil Commodity?

November 6, 2008
By Elizabeth Navarro, Ingleside, TX

Over reaching the doom of hope
Always a shadowy darkness there to cope
The enlightenment dies within the fire
As one spurns evil desires

Speak not by choice
The angels’ harmonic voice
Comes to soothe thy inner reaches
Lye there then as if a whale has been breeched

Kind shepherds no longer
Only demons ponder
Your thoughts of hell
And a wretched spell

Darkness becomes
All your life’s blistered thumbs
Hath not foretold his return, that be so holy
And your deliverance into his eternal glory

Reach to the light
And begin seeing sight
As he made it in the beginning
Before the young world even started spinning

Glory be
The only need
Only if you feel him breath
Then all of evils demons shall leave

Holy Lamb of God this night
Do not let evil take its flight
The children dream
And as you watch them sleep you beam

For they are your children
And not the makings of demons
These are the angels of innocence
Though some might not yet have a conscience

Believe in the things that make you pure
Not the evilness that has no cure
Destinies are shallow now
But God always give those who are lost light somehow

So if you be lost fellow wanderers
Never be unjust and look up yonder
Thy northern star that led three kings, to thy babe of God
His one and only son, the son of God

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