November 6, 2008
By Stephen Southwick, Athens, IL

My heart beats faster and faster, is it catching up with me?
"Oh lord please help me!"
I scream at the top of my lungs
"I'm sorry for all the wrong things I've done!"
I yell again
I am running, there is nothing?
All I see is black
If all I see is black, then how can I see the shadow chasing me?
Am I going crazy?
Oh, I hope not
I don't know how I see it, I just do
Oh no!
It has me by the arm
"No, no, who are you?" What do you want from me?"
"Why am I here?"
I scream as I try to break loose from its firm grip
It now has one hand on my head and one hand on my shoulder
I now know who it is
It is the shadow of evil taking me in!
I am calm all of a sudden
I feel light headed
I fall to what I think is the ground

I vanish from earth
Falling into the deep red burning caves of hell!

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