As days pass by

November 6, 2008
By stephanie garcia, Houston, TX

as days pass by i ask myself "today will i live or will i die?"
as minutes come and go i want to look at the clock,but why even bother to know.
when the hours come i just wish i could leave this earth and never return.
as the weeks go by so so so slow i wonder will i ever leave this hood for sho?
as i sit on my front porch pondering my life away i stare across the sky and wonder when will it be my day?
i smoke to eeze the pain, and i pop to leave the game just wanting to be in my own world %$$ the fortune and the fame.
in this lifetime i need no one because with someone they lie to you and try to tell you where you come from.
but only you know,and only you hold the key to your life. but as for my key it plays games on me and wont let me be free.
so as my days pass by i'll just sit here and ask myself why?

The author's comments:
my name is stephanie and im not a kick ass poet im just real i live in the slums, or i guess you can say the hood and im surrounded by gangs and sin so i escape by putting my thoughts on paper and what i see where i live all i see are cholos and homies that never left the hood so i wright for them cause i know how they feel so please dont judge my work over perfection cause that is not what it is it is just my thoughts on paper

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