In My Dream

November 6, 2008
By Lauren O'Brien, Littleton, CO

In My Dream
I see them,
In my dream.
The blue, curved rooftops,
I noticed a theme.
With white crosses atop
each one,
I sigh and think,
I'll never be done.
The Caulerda speaks only
to me,
She tells me softly
that, yes, I am free.
In my dream,
I wish to fly,
fly above Her.
I wonder why
I can't.
Yet, I know
I can.
In my dream,
I can.
So I do.
As I pass through the clouds
I see.
I see Her,
She sees me.
Her dark blue depths
catch my eye.
I am sad
as I wave goodbye.
I see Her
Until next time,
in my dream.

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