November 6, 2008
By Cobi West, Littleton, CO

Silver wings before my eyes,
Winds of life enclose my mind,
The sky tears up with random joy.

Momentous golden glory rules my sight,
Fire alights from deep inside,
A breath of magic inhaled so deeply.

Footprints in sand left behind,
Remember blue waters tainted with green,
Feel songs of the sea flowing,flying, free.

Warm welcomeing fregrance,
Just feel the color of life bursting,
From nowhere but everywhere comes love.

Lay back in green blankets,
Look and see flawless heavens above,
Searching is done you've found all.

Climb to those heavans just above,
Remembering all before will leave but return,
Heavan on earth will be found everywhere, some way.

Just look,
Just remember,
Its there.

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