Dark Justice

November 6, 2008
By Leon Wolf, Xxxxxx, ZZ

" A light came from above "
That's whats said to the one thy love

" a shootng star "
" Make a wish before it goes too far "

"look! it Scattred into stars! " A young one
then silenced by a star in the heart and gone

as the stars fall
it covered the town in whole

" Run! Run! " they call
Holding a child and a doll

suffering , dying
Cheating , lying

" Stars of Justice " a Dark one said
With a Dark cloak over his head

" no please , sir " A women has said
" save my child before i fall down dead "

" very well my lady " the dark one called
" but thy must do what thy been told "

" look above and now behold "
up they looked as the sky has been unfold

" now come to me my lady an' child "
" to safety I shall be your guide "

to a safe home they've been led
He tapped the child on the head

" blessing in deed my child "
the child looked up and smiled

" thank you , sir " the child has said
" lovely child now go to bed "

The author's comments:
this was my first writing , hope it is liked by many

if you wanted more , visit my blog


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