A Christmas Delight

November 6, 2008
By Kevin Mendoza, Wichita Falls, TX


The stars shine up the sky so bright.
The snow falls down with Christmas delight.
The children play, the choir sings.
Reindeers dance and bells ring

Heaven on earth is what Christmas brings.
The trees are dressed with sparkle and cheer
In hopes that Santa Clause will soon be here.
Children are placed all snug in their beds, dreaming of cookies and presents ahead.
The gifts are placed all under the tree and cookies set out for Santa to see.
The morning comes with the sun shinning bright glistening through presents and tinsel delight.
The house is filled with children and noise seeing what Santa has sent lots of good toys.
Ribbons and wrappings fall over the floor as pleasant surprises come to the core.
Parents wake to the sound of the cheer giving good tidings to all that is near.
People join in the festivity of fun,
Knowing this day is special with all we have done.
Food is served on a table so pretty
Jesus is born and the churches are friendly,
Serving good faith and cheer to many.
We listen to stories with peace all around,
Knowing it’s Christmas and peace must be found.
We look at this day in cheerful delight,
Knowing that Christmas is close and in sight
Remembering past and look to the future
May your wishes be good ones and tidings be tight .
Up in the sky or down on the ground
We see that Christmas peace is now all around.

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