November 7, 2008
By Anonymous


Remember when we could understand each other
Stand it no matter what the other one said
We could converse for hours on end
Like the only two in the universe
We were like perfect pieces of a puzzle
But all we ever did was argue even though in both minds it wasn’t right
We were right what made the thread unravel
It’s a marvel we lasted this long
A long relationship is what I wanted
Long is what I wanted
Taunted with the fact of a breakup
Throwing up is all what I wanted to do
As a kid I didn’t understand
I just didn’t understand
The consequences of my mistakes
Load taken off saying that I didn’t feel as though it should end
Hitting a dead end I will stay asleep for days on end
Until dawn when I realize I was torn apart, unable to think straight
Be that as it may the fact matter is that I made a pact to change my personality
To appease those who aren’t like me
To avoid another tragedy such as this
Hate on me if you really want to
I don’t care
I really don’t care
Take all the hate and anger and fire it back at me
But no matter
The truth of the matter is found myself
So sorry for the trouble
I just hope our relationship doesn’t turn to rubble
After all a long relationship is what I wanted
Long is all I wanted………

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